Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Myself or my friend doesn't have their ID, can they get into the bar?

A: The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission provide all liquor licensed establishments with strict guidelines. If these conditions are not met, the bar can be fined substantially and/or our liquor licence can be revoked indefinitely. Below are the guidelines that must be met to enter our premises.

Valid Primary Identification must:

- Have a photo

- Include a date of birth

- Have a name

- Not be expired

- Have a signature

- Have a unique number

- Be gov. issued

- Be an original (not a copy)

Q: How much is cover?

A: Cover is $10 without a guest list. Need a guest list? Click the button below!

Q: How much is coat check?

A: Coat check is included in your cover cost. If you have a guest list, it is $2

Q: Is there a dress code?

A: As the old saying goes, no shoes, no shirt, no service. Country attire is definitely encouraged!

Q: How much is it to ride the bull?

A: $6! You can purchase tickets at the General Store, right next to the bull!